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zanjan hunting knife

 This section is part of the most popular nature and mountain climbers. Those who are at leisure or regularly are always in the mountains and plains, and enjoy magnificent and marvelous landscapes. Still, knives or camping, as well as camping, are certainly devices that are definitely alongside the nature of the battalion. have been. Because using knives, you can solve a lot of your needs, that being a knife is somewhat impossible. Most knitting and camping gears range from 25 centimeters to a maximum of 35 centimeters, which are made in a variety of models and designs. The product we have is one of the naturedrinks that this model is a popular, simple, and nature-rich application model that has now been put on sale in Zanjan's knife shop. If you want to know the full details of this product, contact us. Come along.

Custom Made Husband Blade
Well, come up with the name of a knife, and you've got it right, we mean the knife blade. The S30V steel is used to make this product because the natureguards should have a resistant and corrosion-resistant blade to prevent severe stress. That's why we used a blade that, due to the high carbon content, has a good resistance to corrosion and abrasion on the edge of this blade. Of course, this blade's strength does not mean that you hit the hard objects or anything you think of with a blade. Well, we mean that the blade is resistant to blade wear and tear, so the blade will not be damaged soon. And you can use it for several years.

The blade has been harsh with the use of industrial furnaces with very precise temperatures, and we have achieved this hardness of 60 Rockwell C hardness, except for the hardness of the blade, and the blade is ultimately resistant and quality. Has come. Camping knives are used because they are used in mountains, plains and forests, and these places also have many trees and branches that may need to be cut or cut with a knife, which is why behind the blade this The teeth are arranged in the shape of an array to use the branches to cut from behind the blade, because if you cut or cut the branch or stick with the edge of the knife, the blade will slowly slow down.

Hussain's cutie is custom
Nature's knives, apart from having to be hands-on, should also be lightweight so that the bearer of this product can carry it for days or hours, and whenever he needs a knife, he must immediately use it. Slowly Because it's unclear how many days or hours consumers want to carry this product with them, it's natural that the weight of this product is very lightweight so that there is no problem for the carrier.

That's why we've used a bunch of these products to be said to be very lightweight, yet highly functional, and the name of this bunch of wood chips. A bunch that has a very lightweight weight, excellent quality, waterproof, affordable, shock-resistant features. The product range is designed to be both small and small hands that can work easily with it and have a lot of maneuverability when using this product.

Note: The blade material of this product is made of steel and, as you know, steel blades are strong and high quality steel acetylene blades, and the only defects of these blades are not resistant to liquids and humidity. You can solve this problem with just a few points. One of these points is that you always try to dry the entire product with a soft and dry cloth after finishing the entire product and have no signs and moisture on the blade. And the other thing is to always try to crush the blade to a little bit of oil, so the oil does not penetrate the water.

Total length:31 centimeters
Blade length:18 centimeters
Category length:13 centimeters
Blade width:4 centimeters
Blade material:Steel S30V
Category sex:First grade rubber
Weight:205 g
brand:Master hussain
Pods:has it
Pod material:Handmade foam waist
product type:Bowl - Nature Tour - Camping
- Use in nature and camping
- Use in climbing
- Use for hunting and food preparation
- Use to cut the tree and branches in nature