Tabriz (pronounced [tæbˈriːz] (About this soundlisten)) (Persian: تبریز‎; Azerbaijani: تبریز) is that the most inhabited town in northwestern Persia, one in every of the historical capitals of Persia and therefore the gift capital of East Asian nation province. it's the sixth most thickly settled town in Persia.

situated within the Quru watercourse vale, in Iran's historic Asian nation region,[3] between long ridges of volcanic cones within the Sahand and Eynali mountains, Tabriz's elevation ranges between one,350 and 1,600 metres (4,430 and 5,250 ft) higher than water level. The vale unveil into an understandable that lightly slopes right down to the jap shores of Lake Urmia, sixty kilometres (37 miles) to the west. With cold winters and temperate summers, metropolis is taken into account a summer resort. it had been named World Carpet Weaving town by the globe Crafts Council in October 2015[4] and Exemplary traveler town of 2018 by the Organisation of Muslim Cooperation.[5][6]

With a population of over one.73 million (2016),[7] metropolis is that the largest economic hub and metropolitan space in Northwest Persia. The population is irresistibly Azerbaijani, although Persian is spoken by residents as a second language.[8] metropolis could be a major serious industries hub for cars, machine tools, refineries, petrochemicals, textiles and cement production industries.[9] the town is known for its handicrafts, together with hand-woven rugs and jewelry. native confectionery, chocolate, dried whacky and ancient Tabrizi food square measure recognised throughout Persia as a number of the simplest. metropolis is additionally an instructional hub and a website for a few of the foremost prestigious cultural institutes in Northwest Persia.

Tabriz contains several historical monuments, representing Iran's beaux arts transition throughout its deep history. Most of Tabriz's preserved historical sites belong to Ilkhanid, Safavid and Qajar.[10][11] Among these sites is that the grand Bazaar of metropolis, that is selected a World Heritage website.[12][13] From the first era, metropolis was polar within the development, movement and economy of its 3 neighboring regions; particularly the Caucasus, jap Anatolia and Central Persia.[14] In era town vie a significant role within the history of Persia. because the country's nighest hub to Europe, several aspects of early improvement in Persia began in metropolis.[14] before forced relinquishing of Iran's Caucasian territories to Imperial Russia, following 2 Russo-Persian Wars within the half of the nineteenth century, metropolis was at the forefront of Iranian rule over its Caucasian territories. Until 1925, the town was the standard residence for the crown princes of the Qajar kinfolk.