knife handle made of deer horns

My native tip encompasses a search and it’s nice. Most things area unit solely one or two of dollars and you ne'er understand what you may realize. It continuously amazes Pine Tree State what individuals area unit willing to throw away rather than simply giving it to somebody, or maybe simply sticking out on their front nature strip for passer-by’s to gather.

Whilst rummaging around one or two of weeks agone I discovered an excellent filleting knife. it's an excellent form and length however the handle was terribly plastic trying thus i made a decision to upgrade it. within the finish I went with ruminant horn when seeing some nice samples on net. My native pet store truly sells items of horn for dogs to chew on thus it absolutely was relativity theory simple to induce my hands on some.

Next I did some analysis on the simplest methodology on a way to attach the knife to the handle. heaps of individuals drill the horn, add some epoxy and push the tang into the outlet. It’s not a foul thanks to go and I’m certain it works well however i made a decision to allow another technique an attempt. the tactic I used is extremely easy and involves no glue or drilling. It takes into the thought the properties of the marrow like material (or pithy core) within the horn to bind the tang into place.

I’ll bear the technique any throughout the ible’.